Everyone has a story. Just take the time out to ask what it is. Once you do, you learn about life through that person’s eyes and get a front-row seat to their unique experiences and worldview. That’s the inspiration behind Wild Wind Productions: passionate people, their inspiring art and their infinite stories.

Wild Wind Productions is an independent production company that specializes in behind-the-scenes features, documentaries, live music performances, tour/festival coverage, on-air originals, and digital platform content.

From conception to development to completion, we’ll take the reigns on every aspect of production to create a definitive documentary, we’ll blend in with a scripted team while capturing compelling complimentary content for a television series, we’ll hop on a bus with a band to intimately cover tours and festivals or we’ll take a live performance up a notch by shooting it in a remarkable way.

WWP’s staff consists of talented freelance producers, editors, animators, production managers, graphic designers, audio engineers and camera operators who are outsourced on an as-needed basis depending upon the specific size and scope of each individual project.

Wild Wind Productions is fully owned and operated by Denise Korycki and is based out of Brooklyn, NY, but our diverse and unique approach to production brings life, spirit and heart to any project or story that we help tell around the globe.

Allow us to see the world through your eyes…


I love my job. I cannot tell you how many times I utter those words, whether it be under my breath on-set in the studio or screaming it from a rooftop in Malta. With over 25 countries under my belt and a trip to almost every state in the US (one left to go!), I have had the privilege of capturing stories all over the world as a freelance director, producer and editor as well as under my boutique company, Wild Wind Productions.

I’ve managed teams of people throughout the entire production process from pre to post (and everything in between) as a series producer for network television. I’ve directed a gnome with nunchucks and a horse galloping through the forests in New Zealand. I’ve edited same day packages on a laptop under a tent in a grassy field whilst Stevie Wonder soulfully sings only thirty feet away on the main stage of a music festival. I’ve traveled to Fortaleza, Brazil as part of the Operation Smile team to film the life-changing process of children receiving cleft surgeries. I’ve been welcomed into a multitude of homes and tight-knit spaces to document the personal journeys of band members. I’ve interviewed Ozzy (four times)! I’ve lugged camera equipment around a bunch of places from Moscow to Mexico as a “one-(wo)man band” – directing, producing, shooting and doing sound. I’ve directed and shot multi-camera live shows with over a dozen professional cameras for an array of bands, cleverly hiding additional cameras in onstage props or enlisting present and former road crew members to shoot from their perspective (aka “roadie cam”). I’m always looking to give the ‘typical live show’ a unique twist. Oh, and I also directed a Nirvana performance in a 250 capacity room for a secret show after their Rock & Roll Hall of Fame appearance! I can’t wait to experience what’s next!


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